Friday, June 25, 2010

One of these days I'm going to make this blog look nice.  Just some quick thoughts before going to bed..
We ran on a trail today. Actually, Fridays are supposed to be the 'rest' day during this training, but for two weeks in a row we've swapped Thursdays and Fridays. So today was just a 3 mile run + strength back at home.  So yeah, the trail. That was fun. Saw lots of deer and bunnies. Something weird and annoying happens to me though. This particular trail is mostly a narrow path but there are a few sections where it kind of opens up. Well, I find that, in those areas that are more open, my pace immediately slows down. Some kind of psychological effect I guess? There is no incline.. maybe it's the extra sunlight? I don't know, but when I feel closed in, I run faster and its a positive thing. My night runs are always faster too. Go figure. I have to break out of this though. The last quarter mile of our run was back on the road, and once pace totally drops and I feel a lack of energy.  I don't like to end a run that way. Anyway, running on the trail was really fun and the time went by so fast. 
I've really been enjoying listening to podcasts on my long drive to work.  My favorite right now is the Runner's Roundtable.  It seems like every episode there are a different group of runners and its really encouraging to hear where they're at, what their experiences are like, what they're training for, etc., etc..  really cool.

Anyways..time to go to sleep. Tomorrow is a lonnng day at work. 10am-9:30pm. The morning in the pharmacy and the evening cashiering (yay.). I'm really hoping to get a full-time pharmacy position. There's a possibility I could be a 'floating' pharmacy tech for the district which would be very cool- going to the four different stores as needed (and getting paid for mileage and travel time).  so tired.. goodnight. :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Week Two, Day One

Strength First:
Lunge With Dumbbell Reach (5 lb) 3 sets of 15 on each side
Single-Leg Dead Lift (8lb)                3 sets of 15 on each side
Dumbbell Ice-Skaters (5 lb)             3 sets of 10 
(^ Those are tricky, but I'm getting the hang of it- takes a lot of coordination.)
Reach Squat (8lb)                               15 reps on each side
Bench Press with Crunch (8lb)         3 sets of 10
Push Ups (Yes, the girly ones)          3 sets of 10
Some extra weight lifting with a 15lb

Yoga/Pilates Stretch Bands-
Shoulder Warm-Up
Side Bends
Abs & Arms
Hamstring Stretch
Abdominal Activator
Leg Press
Arm Pulse
Short Spine
Some other random stretches

So that's it for today. I didn't really time myself, but I guess it was about an hour.  Feel good. Kinda stinky. I hope I'm not in as much pain tomorrow as I was last Tuesday morning. We'll see. Oh and these strength exercises are pulled out of a bunch of magazine articles I've collected over the last couple years.  The stretches come with the stretch band manual book. The bands are kind of fun, but your hands really smell like rubber after using them.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week #2 (6/21-6/27)

So this is what next week will look like.  It's exactly the same as Week #1.

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen 
Last week I was sore from this all the way to Friday..

Tuesday: 3 mile run
Last week we did this on a high school track and I was surprised how easy that was.  The mosquitoes were horrendous though.

Wednesday: 2 mile run or cross training
Most likely we will just run.

Thursday: 3 mile run + strength

Friday: REST!! 
(Last week we swapped Thursday and Friday due to extreme soreness left over from Monday and Tuesday.)

Saturday: 30 minutes cross train
Last week we went hiking.

Sunday: 4 mile run

Blog #1

Gonna keep this one short and simple.  I've had this blog account for a few years, but have just put off blogging anything till now. Not sure why.. I guess I haven't really seen a need to blog on MySpace, facebook, my own personal journal AND blogspot. But now I see an opportunity to help myself in accomplishing kind of a bigger challenge.

Tom and I decided to start a 12-week half-marathon training program.  This morning we completed week #1 (hurrah!!). I know it's going to get harder and harder, but we're up for it.  I feel like I need this in my life right now to make me feel like I'm accomplishing something.  Something that takes a lot of commitment and focus.  Anyways..more to come.