Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week Six (October 7-13)

Sunday - Rest!

I happened to *not* feel like taking a weekly photo this time, however, I did lose 4 pounds this week!!  Yay!

Monday - 3 Miles

It was so nice to get together with the Orlando Runner's Club again for a group run.  I hadn't seen them since the day Jack and I left for our trip to Michigan.  The group meets at the Mellow Mushroom the second and fourth Monday of each month. Some people run 3 miles and some run 5.  This was a really great run for me because I could just feel myself getting faster. We actually thought it might rain, and Tom had Jackson's jogger prepped and ready for it. The rain held off till we finished- go figure!  Afterwards, we all enjoy a pizza meal together and catch up with each others' training and goals and life in general. It's really a great time and we always look forward to these outings. Runners are just fantastic people, what can I say!

Kinda what we look like running through the neighborhoods..

Waiting for our pizza!

Tuesday - 6 miles

Since this was supposed to be a "race pace" run, Tom and I decided to do our runs separately, mine in the morning with Jack and his after work.  He takes his pace runs seriously, but since I have the jogger, I just take it as a usual run, keeping in the back of my mind that I should be going faster.. :-P

For these runs, we typically go to Lake Baldwin Park at the crack of dawn, in order to keep it cool and get it out of the way.  This week we did the same, with the exception of- we had company!  Our new friend Cheryl from the ORC welcomed us to meet up and start our run from her house, very close to the park. We greeted Cheryl and her Vizsla, Pumpkin, at 6:45am and headed out. We looped around the lake (greeting her husband Marcus, also out running, along the way), stopped back at her house to grab some quick water, then ran off to check out Blue Jacket Park.  It was really an enjoyable run! And I know Jackson felt the same, because he stayed awake the entire time, singing and watching Pumpkin along the way.  He never even fell asleep, nor did he need his favorite blanket- now that is distraction!

Wednesday - 3 Miles

Back to the Seminole Wekiva Trail, starting at the San Sebastian Trailhead.  Highlight of this evening's run..announcing:
Out with the old... with the new...kicks!!
His last ones were in really bad shape, and contributing to some knee pain, so it was time.

He said they felt great, too! Style AND function.

Jackson loves to hold Mommy's hand during warm up walks.
We miss the REAL nature we used to encounter on our NJ trail runs.
 (Bears, deer, snakes..ok I don't miss the snakes..)

Afterwards, Jackson felt the need to water ALL of the bushes with his cup.

Thursday - Rest!

Friday - Long Run!

This week's long run was 'only' 9 miles (as compared to last week's 12!).  We decided to hit the Seminole Wekiva Trail, starting at Soldier's Creek Park.  We did a mile out one direction, to the end of the paved trail, then the mile back to where we started. Then we continued the opposite way on the trail till we hit about 6.5 miles, turned around and headed back to the start.  We thought since we started this run a little earlier than usual, that we'd finish before the sun set.  Nope. Both of us were surprised when it was dark around the time we turned around, with about 2 miles left to go.
This is the mile 1 & 2 stretch, aka Locust Lane.  I can't believe it's STILL (apparently) mating season for those nasty things.

For this run, I chose to set up my iPod to Pride and Prejudice, which I began listening to over a year ago during my late pregnancy walks.  I never got around to finishing it, but don't think it will be long now!  There was also a reappearance from my good friend, the 'fanny pack.'

I've decided to bring take my Gatorade/water mix on any run 6 miles or over.
Family! (I love them :)

It was both frightening and cool to have a train pass right by us just as we approached the intersection!
Getting Darker..

Giving Jackson a chance to stretch his legs and watch some kids practice baseball.

Bonus: Got pulled over for having a headlight out. The officer was also from Michigan, so we got away with a warning.
Saturday - Cross Train

We are blessed with some visitors this weekend!  Tom's brother, his wife and their chocolate lab came down from Hilton Head Island, SC.  We spent a lovely Saturday afternoon at one of our favorite spots- Lake Baldwin Park, first letting Coffee enjoy a run (with a bazillion other pups) around the huge Fleet Peeples Dog Park.  We walked the 2.5 mile loop around the lake, branching off for a little while into the downtown area and catching a great outdoor lunch at La Bella Luna.

Lots of pictures from Saturday:
Jackson found a safe place in the dog park. :)

...Just some pretty things along the way that I'm usually running past.

Coffee taking a break from a long walk in the sun.

Jackson running around after lunch, before getting back into the jogger.

Headed back to our place! (Tom was on call all weekend, so we had to take two cars everywhere.)

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